Open Strings
OPEN STRINGS - Sitar & Harp

Deobrat Mishra


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Music of Benares    

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Nik Fliri


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   info at open minus strings dot org


    very old music played in new style

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• ArchäoMusik Vienna

    even older music played in new styleäoMusik_Vienna

• Orient Okzident Express 

    Band situated at Innsbruck/Tyrol founded 2006 

    Playing Music in Kurdish Language with all sorts of instruments 

    Bagpipes, Sax, Chalimeau, Zurna, Kaval, Electric Bass, Saz, Percussion and Drums 

    Oriental-Jazz-Folk Style 


• Other projects

    Organizer & Art Director of a small drone music festival in the austrian alps

    "Dudelsack und Drehleier Festival Maria Waldrast"


• Other Links

    ein klang_records  

    Galerie Nuu     

    Yani Kulyani    

    John Sobek    

    additiv media